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DUKES ARTISAN: the basis is an original antique army belt, at least 40 years old. Each belt tells by his usage, the smell of the country of origin, the minor damage, its own unique story of adventure. From Pearl Harbor to Vietnam, from east Berlin to Afganistan, each belt filled with experience. Of artists from Vienna he gets a second life, they make every belt a unique piece of jewelry. Subdued with small silver studs or with beautiful unique hand paintings. S (80/95 cm) M (85/100 cm) L (90/105 cm) XL (95/110 cm) XXL (100/115 cm)
Dukes Golden Chain 23122 4,5cm641Dukes Golden Chain 23122 4,5cm€ 389,95Dukes Vietnam Star 23120 4,5cm642Dukes Vietnam Star 23120 4,5cm€ 309,95Dukes Balloon colorful 23126 4cm643Dukes Balloon colorful 23126 4cm€ 309,95Dukes Baroque Circus Nature 23123 4,5cm644Dukes Baroque Circus Nature 23123 4,5cm€ 309,95
Dukes Baroque Circus Color 23121 4,8cm645Dukes Baroque Circus Color 23121 4,8cm€ 339,95Dukes Give Peace a Change 23119 4,5cm648Dukes Give Peace a Change 23119 4,5cm€ 339,95Dukes Gymnastic 23124 4,5cm646Dukes Gymnastic 23124 4,5cm€ 339,95Dukes Butterfly 23125 4cm647Dukes Butterfly 23125 4cm€ 309,95
Dukes Guitar grey red635Dukes Guitar grey red€ 359,95Dukes: give peace a chance636Dukes: give peace a chance€ 339,95Dukes plain brown 4,5 cm637Dukes plain brown 4,5 cm€ 199,95Dukes plain brown 4 cm631Dukes plain brown 4 cm€ 199,95
Dukes plain cognac 4,5 cm638Dukes plain cognac 4,5 cm€ 199,95Dukes plain cognac 4 cm630Dukes plain cognac 4 cm€ 199,95Dukes Cuban Ostrich leg621Dukes Cuban Ostrich leg€ 399,95Dukes Cuban Star617Dukes Cuban Star€ 399,95
Dukes Dzjengis Kahn624Dukes Dzjengis Kahn€ 399,95Dukes Glorious steady626Dukes Glorious steady€ 249,95Dukes Lizard Australia623Dukes Lizard Australia€ 399,95Dukes Vienna Silver 4 cm619Dukes Vienna Silver 4 cm€ 399,95
Dukes Vienna Silver 4,5 cm618Dukes Vienna Silver 4,5 cm€ 399,95Dukes Cuban Gecko625Dukes Cuban Gecko€ 399,95Dukes Mungun blue616Dukes Mungun blue€ 399,95Dukes-Artisan Virtues606Dukes-Artisan Virtues€ 299,95
Dukes Aviator596Dukes Aviator€ 299,00Dukes Caballo593Dukes Caballo€ 299,00Dukes Durango red599Dukes Durango red€ 399,00Dukes Garibaldi black609Dukes Garibaldi black€ 349,95
Dukes Garibaldi brown590Dukes Garibaldi brown€ 349,00Dukes Panamericana591Dukes Panamericana€ 399,00Dukes Commandante Grey586Dukes Commandante Grey€ 399,95Dukes Lavendel601Dukes Lavendel€ 329,00
Dukes Mask594Dukes Mask€ 349,00Dukes San Antonio 587Dukes San Antonio € 319,95Dukes Art Nouveau584Dukes Art Nouveau€ 369,95Dukes Pearl Harbor 4 cm583Dukes Pearl Harbor 4 cm€ 319,95
Dukes-Artisan 1010542Dukes-Artisan 1010€ 399,95Dukes-Artisan 1029565Dukes-Artisan 1029€ 399,95Dukes-Artisan 1038573Dukes-Artisan 1038€ 399,95Dukes-Artisan 1047582Dukes-Artisan 1047€ 399,95
Dukes cross bag 23139651Dukes cross bag 23139€ 499,95Dukes cross bag 23142653Dukes cross bag 23142€ 499,95Dukes Durango brandy640Dukes Durango brandy€ 399,95Dukes Military Shopper 23142654Dukes Military Shopper 23142€ 559,95
Dukes-Artisan 1003536Dukes-Artisan 1003€ 299,95Dukes-Artisan 1004537Dukes-Artisan 1004€ 299,95Dukes-Artisan 1005538Dukes-Artisan 1005€ 399,95Dukes-Artisan 1011543Dukes-Artisan 1011€ 399,95
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